• Marketing Monday: My favorite way to get rid of spam and manage email

    spam1SPAM, newsletters, shopping emails, and other nuisances

    We all get them, and it bothers us all. Our inbox gets cluttered and it’s hard to deal with. Spam and other email that you may want, gets in the way of important emails. So how do you manage it? Well we all have a spam folder, and that’s great for taking care of the low mortgage rate, cheap prescriptions, and items we really don’t want, but what about things that say you’ve subscribed to but no matter how hard you try, you can’t unsubscribe. Not to mention how often clicking an unsubscribe button just puts you on more lists.

    unrollme-logoMy favorite tool is Unroll.me. This is a website that you grant access to your email account, and it organizes it for you. Things you don’t want, it will delete. Things you want, it puts into a single email that you get each day. And things you want to stay in your inbox, stays. You can even block individuals from emailing you, so you can finally stop all those emails from that annoying old classmate. You can try it free for five subscriptions, or unlimited by simply sharing a to link to the website on your social media site of choice. I swear by this project so much that I’m going further by making a blog post about it.

    The words “it goes into your email and filters it for you” sounds scary, but it’s not, well not for me. I use gmail and I have full control over how much access unroll.me has. I can pull it’s permission at any time and while it has access it can’t send out emails. Gmail is reading my email anyway, that’s how it knows to advertise flights to NY when I am talking about it in a conversation with my mother.

    I’ve been using unroll.me for almost a year I think, and it has made life so much easier. Between that and gmail’s filtered inbox I can control what I see and what I want to see. That brings me to my other trick, gmail. I use gmail as my email client. I use it because I can manage multiple emails in one place and gain access to it from any computer. I find gmail’s spam catcher is quite good, and it holds onto the spam for a while so I can check and see if legitimate email is in there.

    How do you manage your spam?

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